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“I loved the structure of each lesson and how they were coupled with individual counselling and group support. Within weeks I was more thoughtful about food, more eager to get active, and more able to change the habits that caused my prediabetes in the first place.”
-John, 46
If you're at risk for type 2 diabetes, Prevent can help you lose weight
and develop healthy habits in just 16 weeks.
Evidence-Based Curriculum
Dedicated Health Coach
State-of-the-Art Technology
Online Peer Groups

Our program is based on landmark clinical research

Prediabetes can be reversed through lifestyle changes. In 2002, the Diabetes Prevention Program coached more than 1,000 participants through diet and exercise changes. The results were astonishing. Participants cut their risk of type 2 diabetes by 58%. The Prevent program follows the same proven protocol as the DPP.


Anytime access to health experts

You'll be assigned a personal health coach who will guide you through an engaging lesson plan and monitor your progress. You can reach out for advice and input at any time, for any reason.

State-of-the-art tools delivered to your door

We'll send you tools every few weeks to track your progress, including a wireless scale linked automatically to your account and a digital pedometer to track your activity.


Support from other people who share your goals

Studies show that peer support helps increase your chances of success. That's why we'll match you with a small, private group of participants who can empathize, cheer you on, and help keep you accountable throughout your journey.


My family history is not encouraging when it comes to diabetes. So when I was diagnosed with prediabetes, I knew I had to act. The entire Prevent program was great, but I was surprised how much the online community played a key role in my success. My fellow participants added so many ideas and so much encouragement that I looked forward to checking in with them each day. And the daily food tracker, pedometer and electronic scale readings kept me honest! Thanks to Prevent, I’ve made permanent lifestyle changes and avoided diabetes altogether.

- Susan, 60

I was initially skeptical about Prevent but quickly saw it was an incredibly well designed experience. I loved the structure of each lesson and how they were coupled with individual counseling and group support. Within weeks I was more thoughtful about food, more eager to get active, and more able to change the habits that caused my prediabetes in the first place.

- John, 46

The biggest thing for me was the accountability and the advice. Prevent holds you accountable in a positive and supportive way. The daily wireless weigh ins, the activity monitoring, the check-ins with my peers and my coach really made a big psychological difference for me. Being able to reach out to my health coach for help or advice whenever I wanted to was incredible – and trust me, I did so often. When it comes to my health, I’m no longer afraid to ask for help or prioritize my own well-being.

- Nancy, 36

I think it is safe to say that Prevent saved my life. The entire experience is so well thought through. From the lessons, to the group interactions, and, of course, my great health coach. My blood tests are fantastic, I’ve lost 25% of my body weight, and I feel so much better I can hardly believe it. It worked beyond my wildest dreams.

- Terry, 53

I’ve known for years that I needed to lose weight and take control of my health, but was overwhelmed by all the things I would have to change. Prevent broke everything down into small, doable steps so I always felt that I was achieving something. The constant, real-time feedback was key: whether from the wireless scale, the pedometer, my health coach’s input, or even watching the progress and success of my fellow participants. Everything worked together to keep me motivated. The biggest surprise? While I knew within weeks that Prevent was going to transform my physical health, the positive impact it has had on my mental health has been incredible.

- Lyn, 59

All the women on my mom’s side of the family have type 2 diabetes. When I was diagnosed with prediabetes, I decided to become the first female in my family who refused to let it progress and develop all the terrible health complications. I feel like Prevent took me by the hand and lead me down the right path in a firm but caring way. And it works: as the program was ending, my doctor confirmed that my prediabetes had been reversed.

- Rhonda, 59